The Australian Bird Feeding & Watering Study

Meet the Team

Dr Gráinne Cleary

I am a wildlife ecologist from Ireland and my area of interest is working with the public through citizen science to gain the best outcomes for urban wildlife. I am especially interested in how people interact with wildlife in their own back gardens and what resources are provided, both intentionally and unintentionally. I find this of great interest as our behaviour can have a huge influence on urban wildlife and how wildlife can use gardens in otherwise inhospitable environments.

I am leading the Australian Bird Feeding and Watering Study as I am extremely passionate about communicating results and outcomes of science research to participants to ensuring they get the fully understanding of how important they are to citizen science studies. By doing so citizen scientists can see how we use their data and gain an understanding and information from studies like this one about what they can do to improve their gardens for birds.

Dr Kelly Miller

My research focuses on the ‘Human Dimensions’ of wildlife management issues and wildlife-human interactions – what people think, know and feel about wildlife. My passion is wildlife conservation and I enjoy working on projects that can lead to better outcomes for wildlife and their environments. Some of my current/recent projects have focused on how people value different environments and their attitudes toward particular environmental issues; for example, cats and wildlife conservation, community attitudes toward threatened species conservation, and birdwatching and bird feeding in residential gardens. I also have a strong research interest in environmental education and the growing field of Education for Sustainability.

I really love the multidisciplinary nature of my research and the application of social psychology in environmental problem-solving. Research like this is so important because the environmental challenges we face are great.

Environmental problems will only be solved with creative, innovative, ideas and a society willing to adopt them.

Prof Darryl Jones

I am a behavioural ecologist and have been working in the fields of urban ecology and wildlife management for over 30 years. I am especially interested in urbanisation and how certain species are adapting to this process. This includes megapodes (mound-builders), crows, magpies, ibis and lorikeets, all of which seem to be thriving. On the other hand, many smaller species are not coping well in urban area. This matters because most people in Australia now live in the large cities, and this is where they are most likely to encounter nature. Far from being devoid of wildlife, Australian cities are full of native species, and our interactions with them can be profoundly important. 

Our major research study is an attempt to understand more about one of the most popular forms of interaction with humans and birds. We look forward to working with you in this important adventure.

Danielle Hodgson

I am an ecologist currently undertaking honours research within the field of urban avian ecology. My research aims to assess commercial wild bird feed products and the preference for different food types demonstrated by wild birds fed in urban areas. The intention will be to assist in improving our understanding of avian ecology and allow for those currently feeding to make informed decisions to support the health of our birds.

Sinead Baverstock

I am currently undertaking honours research focusing on the human-wildlife interaction of bird feeding. I am conducting a global review of wild bird feeding and watering policy, which aims to determine what the wild bird feeding policies are of countries around the world, as well as document what influences wild bird feeding policy around the globe. It is hoped some of the outcomes of this project will include a greater insight into the diversity of policy regarding wild bird feeding, clarify what the factors are which influence policy settings as well as provide context for other studies such as the Australian Bird Feeding & Watering Study.